St Mary’s Malankara School

Mohili Village, Pipe Line Road, Sakinaka, Mumbai, Pin:400 072

Founder Message

Founder's Message

Education is a ‘Tapasya’ a life long effort and process and finally embracing the Holy Wisdom. The Holy Wisdom is Divine Light that enlightens the seeker of truth with a transcend vision of the cosmos. The true nature of the wisdom is humbling oneself down from the safe and comfort thrones of ego and descending to the lowliness of discomfort and challenges. The Enlightenment is being happened in an individual as a result of delving reflectively the inner mystery or secret of the creation. It manifests that the Divine soul enlivens in every creation and God’s Grace shines in every face. The more intensity and longing for the Truth we enter in to a calm and a serene realm- come into contact with the Divine largesse. Immersed in the spiritual wealth - joy, love and peace - that was longing. This is a profound realization that brings about fundamental changes in the way we live. Without any effort on our part, we spread the divine fragrance wherever we go. We are prompted to utilize our talents and potentials for the good of the humanity and become a source of help and inspiration to those around us. The Gospel teaching“ Love your neighbor as yourself“ would become the norm and guiding principle of life and behavior. “Love is patient, Love is kind, love does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud, it is not easily angered. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with truth” 1Cor 13/4-6. St. Mary’s Malankara School Sakinaka was born with a vision and mission of Strengthening the weak and fragile. Empowering the socially and economically poor in society and help them to discover their power.. It is not elsewhere but in the Vision of Perceiving of innate brilliance and goodness and let them bring out and shine forth. “To be enlightened to lighten” is our proclaimed motto . I wish and pray that Through the academic excellence and other co-curricular activities every student of St. Mary’s Malankara School should achieve the above mentioned Holy wisdom and be an agent of spreading the fragrance of Love and peace. Be an agent of emanating the energy of Lamp -the new Consciousness- so that we could dispel the darkness of ignorance and intolerance. Be always proud of being a st. Mary’s Malankarite. With every good wish .

Fr.Zacharias Nanthiatt OIC.
Founder,St.Mary's Malankara High School