St Mary’s Malankara School

Mohili Village, Pipe Line Road, Sakinaka, Mumbai, Pin:400 072



  1. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Great emphasis is laid on personal hygiene and cleanliness.
  2. When school is in session all the students must wear clean and prescribed uniform including : Primary & Secondary - black leather shoes & navy blue socks.
  3. Girls and boys are not permitted to have fancy haircuts.Girls having long hair should have it plaited and tied with black ribbons.
  4. Maroon sweater is to be worn in winter.
  5. Application of nail polish, mehendi and use of fancy ornaments are not allowed in the school.
  6. Students should trim their nails periodically and no one should sport long / pointed nails on their fingers / toes.
  7. All students will wear P. T. Uniform on the days when they have P. T. periods.